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Sherlock (BBC), mature audiences, Sherlock/John; in which there is a cold, a fall and a temptation, and someone might be stoic or simply foolish.

this is an attempt to fill a prompt over at the Sherlock Kink Meme that asked for five times Sherlock and John shared a bed (mostly) platonically and one time sleep was the last thing on their minds; I partly succeeded?

spoilers for The Great Game. some of this won’t make sense without.

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Um, PWP? The first bulk of this was a scene that I originally intended as a part of another fic, and well... I did include it into it, but then I edited it into high heavens and the end result was something unrecognizable from the original. Which meant that this little something was left all by its lonesome to sulk in the corner because no one let it out to play. It was so sad to see I had to pick it up and finish it. I would have liked to add something to the beginning to include a proper build-up in tension but I didn’t for fear that it’d turn into another monster – I have enough of those loitering around as it is. So, excuse me if there’s no believable psychological introduction or, you know, plot at all. Suspend your disbelief, folks. Here be plain porn. ...And I can’t believe I just said that. First time for everything, I suppose.

I blame you all.

please, let me get what I want ----
sga, mckay/beckett. so definitely NC-17. I’ve been finally lured to the dark side. (the cookies were lovely, thank you.)

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30 March 2008 @ 07:01 pm
Usual rules apply. Textless icons are not bases. No spoilers to speak of.


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Here's a little mixed batch of icons.

- Black Books: outtakes
- Black Adder: The Third; Goes Forth
- Actors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (with Claudia Schiffer); Lucy Griffits (from Robin Hood)

. .

Usual rules apply. Textless icons are not bases.

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01 February 2008 @ 04:12 pm
I went and bought the S1 DVDs a couple of days ago only because I had watched some of the later episodes and thought them okay and wanted to watch the entire thing from the beginning. So, guess what I've been doing for the past couple of days?

And thus, you get icons. Rejoice! Rejoice!

Seriously, though: PREVIEW


Usual rules apply, and so on.

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I don't know how I had imagined that the thing would work, but I had lived under some illusion that LJ's new system of warning for adult material would be sensible and nice and not-at-all-annoying. I was proven wrong a few minutes ago when I happened to pop by this journal while I wasn't signed in.

Can we all say 'redundant' and 'bloody silly'? Good.

So, I switched it off. I'm expecting to be struck down (or at least severely poked) by the Almighty Goat any minute now.

Instead of using LJ's very own warning system, I will continue to do what I have always done, all through this time, ever since I first walked into fandom - that is, using warnings and trusting in the readers' common sense. So, I issue the following notice:

Regarding Adult Material in This Journal

This journal does contain some material that is not suitable for children (or, rarely, minors [under 18] at all).

That said, I have always - even before this LJ's panic seizure - used a self-censoring system of warnings for unsuitable material (and so, I expect people to use their own self-control, common sense and reading skills in approaching this journal). All possibly unsuitable content is always behind a cut, so read the post "labels". Stories that contain adult material are rated with the MPAA system as either NC-17 (hardcore, explicit, not for anyone under 18), or R (kind of naughty or violent, mostly suggestive but adult themes still clearly there, suitable for mature teens). Sometimes I rate such stories with something like Suitable for Mature Teenagers, meaning that adult topics are discussed and some explicit adult material might be present, or Adults Only, meaning the bleedin' obvious. Ratings PG and PG-13 mean, respectively, Parental Guidance Suggested and Parents Strongly Cautioned*, or in plain English, some harsher topics or language might be present, but no explicit sexual or violent content. G is suitable for all ages.

Icon and other pic posts might contain swearing, but are otherwise always safe.

So: Read the labels. Use your own common sense. Enjoy.

*As defined by MPAA. By the way, I have always found the names of these labels unintentionally funny because they make it sound like the material is unsuitable for the parents instead of the children. Which in most cases might actually be the true case.
...Work? What work? What could possibly be more important than iconing.

Here are some Robin Hood icons from episode 2.07 Show Me the Money (might be slightly spoilerific), random episodes from before that, and also from the DVD behind-the-scene clippage and random season one pics (courtesy of the lovely picspams by sophieisgod; thank you). Features various characters, Robin/Marian and Guy/Marian.

* Resources: textures used by hybrid-genesis.
* Please, don't modify, archive, or claim as your own. Credit preferred and much appreciated, thank you.
* Enjoy! Comments are loved.

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17 October 2007 @ 02:15 pm
There are from BBC's newest version of Robin Hood, starring... well, those people. It's lovely crack, ya'll should watch if you need a little pick me up. Just saying.

- Please, don't modify or archive
- Please, credit this journal in your keywords
- Enjoy! Comments are loved.


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You see a lot of Friends Only banners, naturally, but I'm the sort of person who keeps her personal journal semi-locked, keeping the personal private and the general public, but people like me, we get no pretty banners and other nifty things, and that's an outrage! It's discrimination!

...Okay, so not so much discrimination or an outrage or, generally, a big thing at all, but I needed an excuse to make a banner, so there.

And also, I've always found Friends Only banners that feature pairings deeply, deeply ironic.

Please, if taking, credit me in your userinfo or the Friends Only post, don't direct link, and don't modify. Thank you.

it's a human thing
stargate: atlantis, beckett/mckay, PG
something light and fluffy for hermioneorourke who's had the world on her back lately; hang in there, love.
(betaed by delgaserasca, all remaining mistakes are my own fault)

Dangling somewhere on the hazy edge of asleep and awake, Rodney sensed that something was wrong.Collapse )
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