.she became slightly unstuck in time.

The Flatlander Attacks
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This community was created to store the results of wliberation's spouts of creativity.


  • It'd be very polite of you to credit, and I'd appreciate it very much, but I won't go nuts if you don't. Just don't claim anything I've made as your own work.
  • If you do credit, please credit this journal instead of my personal one.
  • Don't modify anything unless permission to do so is specifically granted.
  • Don't archive my stuff anywhere without my permission.
  • Most importantly: Enjoy. Have fun. *G*

    NOTE: This journal does contain some material that is not suitable for small children (or, rarely, minors [under 18] at all). I'm aware that Livejournal has a warning system of its own, but I think it's bloody stupid, the way it classifies all of my entries as unsuitable and so makes viewing of this journal a pain for those who aren't signed in, so I'm not going to turn it on for this journal. Oh, the anarchy - the world just might spontaneously combust.

    That said, I have always - even before this LJ panic seisure - used a self-censoring system of warnings for unsuitable material (and so, I expect people to use their own self-control, common sense and reading skills in approaching this journal). All possibly unsuitable content is always behind a cut, so read the post "labels". Stories that contain adult material are rated either NC-17 (hardcore, explicit), R (kind of naughty, mostly suggestive but still clearly there), or sometimes something like Suitable for Mature Teenagers, meaning that adult topics are discussed and some explicit adult material might be present, or Adults Only, meaning the bleedin' obvious. Icon and other pic posts might contain swearing, but are otherwise always safe.

    So: Read the labels. Use your own common sense. Enjoy.

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